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Playing Slots online is one of the most popular casino games available. Almost all online casinos offer an excellent slot experience with some of the best games in the business. Sitting in the comfort of your own home and playing your favorite slot games either for free or real money is a reality. No more long trips to the casinos, waiting in line for your favorite games. It is believed that slot games are completely random and of course they are, just like our partner casinos who use random number generators to keep everything fair and above board. Try any one of our recommended online casinos and try your luck at their slots parlor. Many offer excellent sign-up bonuses, exciting rewards and player incentives to keep their loyal players excited about their products. New slot games are also being developed and offered continually so you will never run out of new and exciting experiences. Enjoy and play safe.

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FaceBook Online Gambling Vs. Top Online Casinos

Bingo Friendz

Facebook is launching its first real money gambling application run by Gamesys, a London based operator. Included will be the Bingo and Slots Friendzy application which will allow players to play bingo and slots games for real cash. This will apply only to visitors 18 years of age and older and also only residents of the UK. Because of the UK's regulations on internet gambling Facebook has opted to partner with Gamesys and offer real money gambling in a controlled and safe manner. According to Gamesys who operates the JackpotJoy.com gaming site, their new Bingo and slots Application will be available to residents of the UK who are members of Facebook.com. Included in their application will be the chance to win big money prizes from Progressive jackpots. The head of EMEA Gaming Partnerships, who will be bridging between Gamesys and Facebook platforms, Julien Cordoniou said that people love to play new games with friends and because online gambling is already mainstream in the UK the fit was a just a natural choice.

Our personal take on it is that although Gamesys has been an industry leader, the membership of Facebook tends to be younger and we are hoping there is enough security and age verification to ensure proper limitations on this new venture. There are still dozens of reputable online casinos who have years of experience that shouldn't be overlooked when it comes to finding the best slots casinos who are offering outstanding bonuses and a much larger variety of games. One of our favorite is betonline.com who is offering some of the best 3d slot games available online as well as a huge sign-up bonus to get you started. !


Microgaming Is Proud To Announce Its New Video Slot Game - The Dark Knight

Dark Knight Slots

Microgaming one of the top online gambling software providers is proud to announce the launch of its new Video Slot Game "The Dark Knight". This slot game is based on the popular DC Comic character Batman.

The Warner Brothers movie released in 2008 became the third largest grossing movie of all time with over 500 million in box office takings and 1 billion worldwide. This new slot game is geared to fans of the movie with dynamic and realistic graphics and lots of in game features including an impressive 4 tier progressive jackpot!

Sign-up here and enjoy one playing online slots fashioned after one of the world's most endearing comic book characters

Most Popular Slot Games

Thunderstruck 2Thunderstruck 2 - I personally find the new Thunderstruck 2 slots game to be one of my favorite. It originally started in 2004 and has been recently updated by Microgaming to be more visually appealing and with the addition of various bonuses. This slot game has 243 pay lines which essentially means there are 243 ways to win! The wild card offers a double win as a substitution. Then there are the bonus hammers which if you get 3 or more will allow you to access the Hall Of Spins where there are some really interesting bonus opportunities. The more times this bonus is triggered you will advance into the game and unlock more bonus features. The Hall of Spins works like this:

  • 1st Level: Valkyrie is a 10 spin x 5 multiplier - Trigger it over 5 Times and move to the 2nd Level

  • 2nd Level: Loki is a 15 spin with a wild magic feature - Trigger it 10 Times and move to the 3rd Level

  • 3rd Level: Odin is a 20 spin with a wild raven feature - Trigger it 15 Times and move to the 4th Level

  • 4th Level: Thor is a 25 spin with a rolling wheels feature, the rolling wheels can trigger up to 5x multiplier
Once you have downloaded the game these levels remain intact for future play. Sign-up today and start playing Thunderstruck 2

Bodog SlotsEl Luchador is a game based on the infamous masked wrestlers. Each bout or spin gives you an opportunity to win big cash. 3 random bonuses can be triggered by any spin and each one is different. There is a multiplier bonus that triggers increased wins by 2, 3 or 4 times. The curtain bonus is random and offers one of 3 cash prizes. The Leaping Luchador offers an opportunity for huge wins. Each flying Luchador adds a wild feature and turns all scatter symbols that are triggered after a free spin into wilds. The graphics are very cool on this game and it is one of our player's favorites. You can play for as little as .01 and only 1 pay line up to a maximum of 1.00 and 24 pay lines.

This unique game can be found at bodog.ca or Bovada.lv. Sign-up today and start playing your favorite slot games!!

Top Progressive Slots

Progressive Slots Download

  • Slot Game Type: 5 Reel - 9 Payline with Progressive Jackpot

  • Software: Real Time Gaming

  • Description: This 5 reel, 9 payline game has 2 bonus features and a progressive jackpot. The game symbols depict rich girls on a shopping spress for shoes, expensive bouguets, diamonds, makeup and more......
  • If you spin and get 5 diamond rings on your payline you win the "Shopping Spree Super Jackpot" You can see the value of the growing jackpot above the center reel!

  • Play Shopping Spree Progressive Slots at the following casinos:

  • Bovada - Click Here

  • Manhattan Slots - Click Here

  • Top 3D Slots

    • Slot Game Type: 3D - 30 Payline

    • Software: Betsoft

    • Match 3 cavewomen and watch her get carted off by the caveman after a romantic kiss. Slot play is free or starting at a minimum of .02 up to 1.00. You can bet up to 5 coins on this 30 pay line slot behemoth. The additional free spin symbols are the caveman clubs or a fire burning of which you must get 3 or more of. The screen changes from day to night and the caveman will sit down to eat dinner and fall asleep. If you win big in the free spins the cavewoman will appear and club the caveman carting him off after a passionate kiss. This is just one of the many 3D slot games available to play at slots.net.ag. Sign up here and enjoy the supreme graphics and exciting fun of 3d slots right in your own home.

    • Betonline - Click Here To Play 3D Slot Games

    • Playing 3D Slots

      3D slots gaming will give you a thrilling experience that will increase your enjoyment of playing online casino games. The next big thing in the future of internet casinos is some of the new 3D games. The 3D slots feature exciting designs, graphics and amplified sound effects that will bring sophistication, more realism and enjoyment to the experience.

      The slot modernization trend has seen improvements of the traditional slots from static to interactive gaming machines. The latest innovation for slots brings elaborate storylines to the players. There are more ways to win in the virtual slot environment and spinning becomes more exciting. With these new improvements, anyone can experience more excitement with the slots. Some of the new improvements in slot innovations include a wide selection of games with various themes including action-adventures and funny animals.

      The slots also offer bonus games, progressive jackpots, more slot symbols, pick and click games and free spins in addition to other special features. Impressive visual effects bring a whole new experience to the look and feel of the slot games. The 3D slots platform has no rival in overall experience and enjoyment. By using characters that move, talk and have familiar behaviors in three dimensions the new slots are sure to tantalize the senses.

      The fact that the slots are 3D does not mean you need to get 3D glasses. The manner in which the characters, symbols and animations appear is what brings out the 3D experience. This state-of-the-art feature makes the action come alive because the slots use 3D animation.

      The use of 3D technology in slots removes the repetitive game play of pushing buttons to collect the prize and repeating the process. The interactive scenes and additional features encourage players to keep playing in hopes of hitting it big.

      Finally, the slots encourage players to "unwrap" the game by activating additional features, unlocking bonus rounds and seeing all the different animations. By doing this, slot players can see the entire game in 3D while enjoying the features that make people and objects appear to pop out of the screen.